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How It Works

Our Process....."How It Works"

How our process works

How It Works

After completing payment, you will be directed to the student centre. This is where all the course materials are accessible to you along with an option to download all course materials to your pc for study offline.
You will need to study the materials in order at your own pace. Once you are comfortable and confident with the theory, you will complete the Lean Six Sigma Training Exam. The pass rate for the exam is 70%.
Once the exam has been passed, you can submit the Black Belt project summary, detailing the approach used and results attained. (Example project documentation is available within the student centre and is the recommended format, although this isn’t compulsory.)
Below is an example of the Project Control Documentation that you will be supplied with as part of the lean six sigma training course and an overview of some of the other templates that you will get access to as part of the course:
Upon satisfactory appraisal of the project summary and a pass rate of greater than 70%, your Lean Sigma Black Belt Certificate will be mailed to your chosen address.
Your successful completion will be held on our records and can be verified by any potential employers.


What does the average Black Belt earn?

According to Salary.com Salary Wizard® Basic Report, Date as of October 2006 – The average expected yearly salary for a typical Lean Sigma Black Belt is $88,958 (£59,344). When bonuses are averaged in, the Lean Sigma Black Belt yearly salary increases to $97,671 (£65,156).
However – even more lucrative earning potential exists when you look in the contract market. Some examples are shown here:

Interim Process/Lean/Six Sigma Consultants – UK, Germany, France & Netherlands

£400 – £700/day + expenses
Change Managers / Lean Sigma Consultants – UK wide and Asia
Associate roles: £300+ per day dependant on experience and position, + bonus + full expenses.
The above roles are live roles, available right now. You will receive the link to this site as part of your Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification package.
With the majority of contractors now charging £300 – £700 per day for their services – and the use of contractors becoming much more widespread – this is a career move that is fast becoming an option for more and more Lean Sigma Black Belts.